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ColleGrove was the "gumbo” or “jambalaya" of two of the most prominent and influential names in hip-hop, 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne. 2 Chainz hailing from College Park, Georgia, and Lil Wayne from Hollygrove, a neighborhood in New Orleans – the two combined their hometown roots to create the title ColleGrove. Released in 2016, ColleGrove honors a musical friendship that has sustained two decades. After much anticipation and almost eight years later, the powerful duo released their follow-up album, Welcome 2 Collegrove, in November 2023. The project is not only a perfect merge of 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne, but it also features some of the best icons in music today, including Usher, 21 Savage, Rick Ross, Fabulous, Benny the Butcher and more. Welcome 2 Collegrove is the next installment of this powerful duo looking to serve up real raps, cultural flair and authentic brotherhood. Now available on vinyl for the first time, this 2 LP set is pressed on translucent clear vinyl. Limited Edition.

1. Scene 1
2. G6
3. Big Diamonds
4. Presha
5. Long Story Short
6. Scene 2
7. Millions from Now
8. Crazy Thick
9. Transparency
10. Significant Other
11. Scene 3
12. PPA
13. Oprah & Gayle
14. Shame
15. Bars
16. Scene 4
17. Godzilla
18. Crown Snatcher
19. Can’t Believe You
20. Scene 5
21. Moonlight

2 Chainz / Lil Wayne - Welcome 2 Collegrove [Record Store Day]
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I've Enjoyed As Much Of This As I Can Stand represents a singular moment in the band's history. Recorded on the final night of their '98 tour in support of the eponymous LP, Acetone was in peak form. Recorded live on 16 track ADAT, the band pulled from all corners of their catalog in a nearly 80 minute set that veers from serenity to recklessness, culminating in an epic 13-minute medley of "I'm Gone/Miserlou" that should put to eternal rest the notion that this was a "slowcore" band. Previously unreleased and unheard, this 2-disc live concert will be available on limited edition clear vinyl numbered, trifold package.

A1. Rumble
A2. Cindy
A3. Another Minute
A4. If You Only Knew
A5. Every Kiss
B1. I've Enjoyed As Much Of This As I Can Stand
B2. All The Time
B3. In The Light
B4. All You Know
B5. Waltz
C1. Sunny Side Of Heaven
C2. Barefoot on Sunday
C3. I'm Gone/Miserlou
D1. Come On D2. Endless Summer

Acetone - I've Enjoyed As Much Of This As I Can Stand - Live
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The EP that followed Amorphis' classic Elegy.
This classic EP has never been released on vinyl before.

1) My Kantele (Acoustic Reprise) 2) The Brother Slayer 3) The Lost Son 4) Levitation 5) And I Hear You Call

Amorphis - My Kantele [Record Store Day]
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Ann Wilson of Heart and Tripsitter, live in concert performing Heart classics and solo songs.

LP 1 - Side A
1. Even It Up
2. Ruler of the Night
3. Love Alive
4. Isolation
5. Rusty Robots
LP 1 - Side B
1. Magic Man
2. This Is Now
3. Mistral Wind
4. Tripsitter
LP 2 - Side A
1. Rain of Hell
2. Immigrant Song
3. Miss One and Only
4. Crazy on You
LP 2 - Side B
1. Straight On
2. Let's Dance
3. Alone
4. Going to California
5. Barracuda

Ann Wilson  & Tripsitter - Live In Concert (Blue) [Clear Vinyl] [Record Store Day]
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Jewels in the Treasure Box: The 1953 Chicago Blue Note Jazz Club Recordings is a previously unissued 3-LP collection of recordings from jazz icon and virtuosic pianist, Art Tatum, captured live at the Blue Note jazz club in Chicago in March of 1953 with guitarist Everett Barksdale and bassist Slam Stewart. These recordings were transferred from the original tape reels and mastered for LP and CD by engineer Matthew Lutthans (who also worked on Resonance's Grammy-nominated 2019 Nat King Cole release Hittin' the Ramp). Containing a whopping nearly 3 hours of never-before-heard Art Tatum captured in an intimate setting at the height of his powers with his longtime trio, the deluxe, limited-edition 180-gram 3-LP gatefold set (and 3-CD set) includes rare photos and memorabilia from Herman Leonard, Bob Parent and the Holzfeind family archives (owners of the Blue Note jazz club in Chicago); plus liner notes from Columbia University professor and author, Brent Hayes Edwards; as well as statements from Ahmad Jamal, Sonny Rollins, Monty Alexander, ELEW, Spike Wilner, Johnny O'Neal, Michael Weiss and Terry Gibbs. Limited Edition.

LP 1 / SIDE 1 — Aug. 16, 1953 1. Night and Day (4:03) 2. Where or When (5:40) 3. On the Sunny Side of the Street (3:23) 4. Don’t Blame Me (4:56) 5. Soft Winds (3:27) 6. These Foolish Things (3:25) 7. Flying Home (1:41) SIDE 2 — Aug. 16, 1953 1. Memories of You (5:33) 2. What Does It Take (4:16) 3. Tenderly (5:14) 4. Crazy Rhythm (3:21) 5. The Man I Love (5:26) 6. Tea for Two (3:35) LP 2 / SIDE 3 — Aug. 16, 1953 1. I Cover the Waterfront (4:39) 2. Body and Soul (6:21) 3. Laura (5:42) 4. Humoresque (4:33) 5. Begin the Beguine (3:27) 6. There Will Never Be Another You / September Song (5:04) SIDE 4 — Aug. 21, 1953 1. Just One of Those Things (6:03) 2. Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams (4:39) 3. St. Louis Blues (4:12) 4. After You’ve Gone (5:23) 5. Someone To Watch Over Me (4:58) 6. Would You Like To Take A Walk? (5:00) LP 3 / SIDE 5 — Aug. 21, 1953 1. Elegy (4:15) 2. Sweet Lorraine (4:40) 3. Out of Nowhere (3:48) Aug. 28, 1953 1. Indiana (3:02) 2. Tabu (2:50) 3. Judy (6:05) 4. Lover (4:42) SIDE 6 — Aug. 28, 1953 1. Dark Eyes (4:34) 2. Stompin’ at the Savoy (4:35) 3. If (5:57) 4. Stardust (5:00) 5. Air Mail Special (4:12) 6. I’ve Got the World on A String (3:41) 7. The Kerry Dance (1:53)

Art Tatum - Jewels In Treasure Box: 1953 Chicago Blue Note Jaz
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Rediscover Ashnikko's debut mixtape with Demidevil: Special Edition, featuring two bonus tracks, “Tantrum” and “Daisy 2.0, which have never been on vinyl. Pressed on transparent pink EcoRecord vinyl, housed in a sleek mirror-board silver sleeve and accompanied by an eight-page exclusive booklet. Immerse yourself in standouts like 'Daisy', 'Slumber Party', and 'Cry', among others.

Ashnikko - Demidevil [Tranparent Pink Vinyl] [Record Store Day] (Eco)
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Asking Alexandria’s third studio album, Reckless & Relentless, was released in 2011 and features the singles “Morte et Dabo,” “Breathless,” and “Someone, Somewhere.” Now available for Record Store Day on gold vinyl with deluxe gold foil reflective packaging.

1. Welcome
2. Dear Insanity
3. Closure
4. A Lesson Never Learned
5. To the Stage
6. Dedication
7. Someone, Somewhere
8. Breathless
9. The Match
10. Another Bottle Down
11. Reckless & Relentless
12. Morte et Dabo

Asking Alexandria - Reckless & Relentless [Record Store Day]
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Special edition record from the Record Store Day KPop Artist of The Year!
Clear vinyl or black ice vinyl version (distributed at random!) of their latest album. Package includes a photo ticket (1 image out of 8, distributed at random), 3 postcards and 1 poster as well as a BONUS 7” single with TWO BONUS SONGS!

Ateez - World Ep.Fin : Will (Rsd) (Gate) [Limited Edition] [Record Store Day]
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Recently discovered tapes that went missing from the mastering studio in 1974 contain the long-lost concert at London’s Rainbow Theatre, when the band supported jazz legend Billy Cobham. AWB’s repertoire has been a source of inspiration and influence for many R&B acts and they are one of the most sampled bands in history and continuing to reach new generations of younger audiences. Continuing their 50th Anniversary celebrations, this concert release is the only live performance that capture AWB’s original drummer, Robbie McIntosh, who died in tragic circumstances just as AWB and it’s lead single ‘Pick Up The Pieces’ started to break the charts worldwide.

Available on vinyl, or any format, for the first time. Pressed on white vinyl for Record Store Day 2024.


Average White Band - Live At The Rainbow Theatre 1974
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"With its tongue in cheek title, The Best of Band X (there had been no previous Band X releases) snuck into the record racks in 1976, the first the world was to hear from musician/producer/writer/arranger (and later all-American hero) Craig Peyton. Fitting in somewhere between contemporaries like Weather Report, Headhunters and Stone Alliance, Craig Peyton definitely ploughed his own musical furrow even in an exceptionally fertile era. Originally a jazz drummer and vibraphonist, Craig was interested in utilizing the potential of some of the new synthesizers that were coming onto the market in that era, (beating even Stevie Wonder to the use of the Fairlight keyboard). Band X consisted of Alan Grzyb, Victor Preston and Joey Bellomo alongside their auteur, Craig Peyton. Despite being, broadly speaking, ‘jazz’, Craig’s music had a synthetic feel and, like many musical conceptions of the future, sounds decidedly retro-cool today. Drummer Bellomo contributed synthesizer work, and horn-player Grzyb also contributed keyboards. Bass-man Preston also played trombone, and alongside Grzyb’s bassoon and clarinet and the assorted electronics, it was not your standard jazz ensemble. Quirky song titles (some of which wouldn’t sound out of place on a prog-rock album from the same time) confirm the image we have of a musical maverick. Much of the current demand for this very hard to find album owes itself to DJ Amir’s championing of the track Home: many have remarked on its similarity to the classic Steely Dan sound of the same era; other reference points might be Shuggie Otis and Michael Franks. It’s a poignant, floaty and ultimately unique song, with Craig providing the ‘blue-eyed’ vocal, as he does on the other vocal track Afterthought, which also sounds like it could’ve happily lived alongside Shuggie’s Inspiration Information album. A vocal and a lively slice of sequencer space-funk with some truly trippy keyboard work, here’s another track with loads of potential for contemporary appreciation."

A1 - Rip Van Winkle
A2 - Red Cloud
A3 - Trullion Alastor
A4 - Afterthought
B1 - Picking Mushrooms With Rabbit
B2 - Home
B3 - Black Hole

Band X - Best Of Band X (Rsd) [Record Store Day]
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Boo-Tay, originally released in September of 1998 on the now defunct alt./punk/metal label Immortal Records, is the first full album featuring the son of country music great Bobby Bare. Unleashing a southern fried cowpunk garage rock sound with electric dulcimer, Bare Jr. is “the best y’alternative band you never heard of,'' according to bassist Dean Tomasek. The band consisted of Bobby Bare, Jr. on lead vocals and guitar, Tomasek on bass, Keith Brogdon on drums, Tracy Hackney on dulcimer and harmonica, along with Nashville independent record store’s own Michael “Grimey” Grimes on lead guitar.
For Record Store Day 2024, it’s available for the first time on vinyl, and this 2xLP set includes the original Peter Collins-produced album along with the promotional live EP Custom Gauge Electric, and early demos when they were known as Bobby Joe and the Metros.

Bare Jr. - Boo-Tay (Ofv) [Record Store Day]
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Recorded in the first two months of 1975 at Rockfield studios (with some sessions also taking place at SARM studios in London), Futurama was the second album by Be Bop Deluxe and the first to feature the line-up of Bill Nelson (vocals, guitars, keyboards), Charlie Tumahai (bass, vocals) and Simon Fox (drums). Produced by Roy Thomas Baker (who at the time was also working with Queen), Futurama was an album of immense musical inventiveness and creativity and was a huge leap forward in creative terms for Bill Nelson.

The album gained much praise thanks to Bill Nelson’s composition skills and his highly innovative guitar playing. Featuring such wonderful material as “Maid in Heaven”, “Sister Seagull”, “Music in Dreamland”, “Sound Track”, “Between the Worlds”, “Jean Cocteau” and “Swan Song”, the album would see Be Bop Deluxe heralded as one of the most accomplished acts of 1975. This blue vinyl Record Store Day release features the Stephen W Tayler mix of the album on vinyl for the first time.

Stage Whispers
Love with the Madman
Maid in Heaven
Sister Seagull
Sound Track
Music in Dreamland
Jean Cocteau
Between the Worlds
Swan Song

Be Bop Deluxe - Futurama
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This is a new compilation created for Record Store Day. It compiles Rexha's two All Your Fault EPs (Parts 1 & 2) plus the bonus track "I Got You" (Cheat Codes Remix). This is the first release on vinyl for All Your Fault (Part 2).
The album includes the massive global hit "Meant to Be" featuring Florida Georgia Line.
This Record Store Day 2024 release is pressed on baby blue vinyl.

Side A All Your Fault Pt. 1
I Got You
Small Doses
F.F.F. Feat. G-Eazy
Gateway Drug
Bad BitchFeat. Ty Dolla $ign

Side B All Your Fault Pt. 2
That’s It Feat. 2 Chainz, Gucci Mane
I Got Time
The Way I Are (Dance With Somebody) Feat. Lil Wayne
(Not) The One
Comfortable Feat. Kranium
Meant To Be Bebe Rexha And Florida Georgia Line
I Got You (Cheat Codes Remix)

Bebe Rexha - All Your Fault: Pt. 1 & 2 (Blue) [Colored Vinyl] [Record Store Day]
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Whether a chart topper or the gatekeeper to a deep cut, Bernie Worrell has infiltrated your ears, your eyes (most recently in Stop Making Sense's 40 year anniversary!) and your heart. For those aware of Bernie's journey, it hasn't always been a linear path, but the music has landed at the forefront of the rich, global culture, and continues to evolve, whether analyzed by a musicologist or a teenager in a garage band. Bernie Worrell, a prolific writer and visionary, left this world with an abundance of unfinished work. These compositions remained untouched for a period of decades, collecting dust on reels of two-inch analog tape. In years following Bernie's passing, the tapes were re-examined to analyze Bernie"s nuanced and creative method. After a period of deep reflection, the Bernie Worrell estate decided it was time to complete his vision. With a series of Bernie's collaborators, contemporaries, and friends including Bootsy Collins, Sean Lennon, Leo Nocentelli, Fred Schneider, Miho Hatori, Steve Scales, Marc Ribot, Fred Wesley, Marco Benevento, Stanton Moore, Steven Bernstein, Daru Jones, Will Calhoun, Mike Watt, Norwood Fisher and many more innovators his initiative was completed with dedication to preserving the integrity of the magic which makes Bernie a beloved extraordinary soul. Also included on the album is a previously unreleased Funkadelic track, Contusion, which showcases Bernie’s masterful work with the group.
Bernie Worrell: Wave From The WOOniverse, a double album, was concocted in fourteen cities, with a bound-to-be viral video of the title track directed by Los Angeles-based dancer, Madeline Riley. The album was produced by former Bernie Worrell Orchestra bandleader Evan Taylor, and is slated for release a day after Bernie's birthday, (April 19) on Record Store Day 2024.

Intro (Reflection on a Bird) - Feat. Nick Montoya
Distant Star - Feat. Jerry Harrison with Paul Dooley and Alecia Chakour
What Have they Done to My Funk - Feat. Bootsy Collins, Michael Moon Reubens, Ouiwey Collins, and Buckethead
Heapin' Bowl of Gumbo - Feat. Leo Nocentelli, Fred Wesley, Stanton Moore with Lonnie Marshall
Re-Enter Black Light (Phase II) - Feat. Sean Ono Lennon
The Big WOO - Feat. Fred Schneider with Binky Griptight, Marco Benevento, and Steve Scales
Greenpoint - Feat. Steven Bernstein with Smokey Hormel, Mauro Refosco, Scott Hogan, and Michael Jerome
Soldiers of the Stars Feat. Daru Jones and Eric McFadden
When The Rain Subsides - Feat. Will Calhoun
Pedro WOO - Feat. Mike Watt
Contusion (Funkadelic)
Transcendence - Feat. Marc Ribot and Norwood Fisher
Wave From the WOOniverse - feat. Miho Hatori with Sarah La Puerta and Steve Scales

Bernie Worrell - Wave From The Wooniverse (Rsd) (Gate) [Record Store Day]
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Bloke on Bloke is a 7-track collection of singles and b-sides from the William Bloke sessions. Its title is a play on the Bob Dylan album Blonde On Blonde. The album features 'The Boy Done Good' co-written by Johnny Marr, and a cover of The Smiths' 'Never Had No One Ever'. This Record Store Day exclusive is pressed on limited edition orange and blue split effect vinyl. This is the first time Bloke On Bloke has been released on vinyl. Limited to 3k copies worldwide.

1. The Boy Done Good
2. Qualifications
3. Sugardaddy (Smokey Gets In Your Ears Mix)
4. Never Had No One Ever
5. Sugardubby
6. Rule Nor Reason
7. Thatcherites

Billy Bragg - Bloke On Bloke (Blue) [Colored Vinyl] (Org) [Record Store Day]
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The first vinyl pressing for the 1999 album featuring the single “Hey Leonardo (She Likes Me for Me)”.

1. The Last Day | 2. That's The Girl I've Been Telling You About | 3. Hey Leonardo (She Likes Me For Me) | 4. Standing At The Edge of the Earth | 5. Stone Glass Window | 6. If She Couldn't Sleep | 7. South Hampton Avenue | 8. What Have I Got To Lose | 9. The Rest of My Life | 10. Walking Off The Buzz | 11. Real Good Friends | 12. Revolution

Blessid Union Of Souls - Walking Off The Buzz (Rsd) [Record Store Day]
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Originally released in 1972 on Vanguard Records, Bob Frank’s self-titled debut album took elements of Dylan, Johnny Cash, and Ian Tyson and filtered it thru a pot-smoked haze and the infusion of Frank’s long-time friend, Memphis guru Jim Dickinson. Dickinson and Frank shared a mutual admiration that ran so deep that on Dickinson’s own 1972 debut album Dixie Fried (released on Atlantic Records), he recorded one of Bob Frank’s songs “Wild Bill Jones.”
But despite the Dickinson/Memphis connection, Bob Frank’s only LP for Vanguard became a forgotten, hard to find relic - until Light in the Attic reissued it to great acclaim in 2014.
Now, from Real Gone comes more 1972 Vanguard Bob Frank recordings (all previously unreleased studio songs) coupled with a live set from the Old Quarter in Houston 1973 (the first-ever vintage live Bob Frank recordings to be released).
Includes an insert with extensive liner notes detailing Frank’s career self-sabotage by Pat Thomas and the director of the documentary Within A Few Degrees: A Little Gest of Bob Frank, Isaac Pingree. 20 tracks, all unreleased, pressed on stems ‘n’ seeds “marijuana” vinyl.

A1. Wild Bill Jones
A2. Velvet Robes
A3. My Well-Remembered Home
A4. Broke Again
A5. Luther Brown
A6. When Johnny Was Called for a Soldier
A7. Birmingham
A8. Snakebit
A9. Biloxi Chicken
A10. Escape to the Hills
A11. Mississippi Willie
A12. The Warmth
B1. Canebrake
B2. Cowboy Song
B3. Face on the Barroom Floor
B4. Spring Fever
B5. Within a Few Degrees
B6. Hot Dusty Day
B7. Wino
B8. Chipmunk

Bob Frank - Broke Again - The Unreleased Recordings [Colored Vinyl]
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For the first time ever, the legends Blind Boys of Alabama and Bobby Rush have collaborated on a recording bringing together the Blind Boys’ 80+ years of history in Gospel and Americana music including soundtracking the Civil Rights Movement, with Bobby Rush’s 70 years of soulful blues. The rich history of these GRAMMY-winning artists goes back to the Golden Age of Gospel for the Blind Boys and the classic era of Chicago blues for Bobby Rush alongside the likes of Howlin' Wolf, Jimmy Reed, and Little Walter.
The track includes Dom Flemons whose work for Smithsonian Folkways has included his Grammy nominated album Black Cowboys as well as L.A.-based soulful folk rock band Dustbowl Revival. "99 and 1/2 Won't Do" was curated by the artists' management who organized this recording following ten years of management, in an effort to not only celebrate that milestone but most importantly celebrate the music, artists, and their legacies.
The recording is co-produced by Jeff DeLia of 72 Music Management and GRAMMY winning producer, songwriter, musician Colin Linden whose work includes being Music Director for ABC's hit show 'Nashville', touring within Bob Dylan's band, producing for Keb' Mo' and Colin James, and is a member of Blackie and the Rodeo Kings.
The B side is the original "I Found Faith" by singer-songwriter A.J. Croce, a very fitting composition and recording to combine with the soulful gospel traditional "99 and 1/2 Won't Do". "I Found Faith" was originally released on Croce's debut self-titled album via BMG in 1993. "99 and 1/2 Don't Do" was recorded with bassist Dominic Davis (Jack White), and drummer Bryan Owings (Lucinda Williams), plus Colin Linden on guitar. The track was recorded throughout the United States with Bobby Rush and core tracking in Nashville, the Blind Boys in Minneapolis, Dom in Chicago, and Dustbowl in Los Angeles.
All profits from sales of this release will be donated to the Mid-South Food Bank who contribute over 4 million meals per month to people in and around Memphis, Tennessee, including a high percentage of children and the elderly.

99 and 1/2 Won't Do / B Side: I Found Faith

Bobbyrush / Blind Boys Of Alabama / Dom Flemons - 99 And A 1/2 Won't Do [Record Store Day]
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For the first time on vinyl

1. Infested | 2. Severed | 3. Human Disdain | 4. Confession | 5. Murder8 | Say Goodbye

Bodysnatcher - Vile Conduct (Rsd) [Record Store Day]
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ALL MY LITTLE SHOOTING STARS, pressed on a single sea blue LP, includes songs from projects that have never been released physically before. Exclusive to Record Store Day, Briston is thrilled to finally share fan favorite titles from his Big Shot EP and the Miracle EP - including “Paradise,” “Oregon,” and “Harvard,” all in one place.

1. June
2. Virginia
3. Hangin Round
4. It’s Not My Fault
5. The Garden
6. Steve’s First Bruise
7. Chattanooga
8. Paradise
9. Oregon
10. Harvard

Briston Maroney - All My Little Shooting Stars
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A marvelous bandleader and organist as well as capable arranger, “Brother” Jack McDuff has one of the funkiest, most soulful styles of all time on the Hammond B-3. His rock-solid basslines and blues-drenched solos are balanced by clever, almost pianistic melodies and interesting progressions and phrases. McDuff began as a bassist playing with Denny Zeitlin and Joe Farrell. He studied privately in Cincinnati and worked with Johnny Griffin in Chicago. He taught himself organ and piano in the mid-’50s, and began gaining attention working with Willis Jackson in the late ’50s and early ’60s, cutting high caliber soul-jazz dates for Prestige. McDuff made his recording debut as a leader for Prestige in 1960, playing in a studio pickup band with Jimmy Forrest. They made a pair of outstanding albums: Tough Duff and The Honeydripper. McDuff organized his own band the next year, featuring Harold Vick and drummer Joe Dukes. Things took off when McDuff hired a young guitarist named George Benson.
Ain't No Sunshine is a previously unissued concert recordings from one of the greasiest and funkiest Hammond b3 organists of all-time, “Brother” Jack McDuff. The album features his then-working-band saxphonists Leo Johnson and Dave Young, guitarist Vinnie Corrao and drummer Ron Davis. This hand-numbered, limited-edition double LP set was transferred from the original tape reels and is pressed on 180g vinyl. The deluxe package includes an extensive 4-page booklet with essays by archival producer and label owner/producer/musician Cory Weeds, plus passages from Hammond organists Delvon Lamarr, Larry Goldings and Brian Charette; and rare photos and memorabilia. LP mastering by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio.

Side A (23:28)
1) Theme From Electric Surfboard
2) Three Blind Mice
Side B (22:10)
1) Ain't No Sunshine
2) I'm Getting Sentimental Over You
3) Blues 1 & 8
Side C (19:13)
1) Uknown
2) The Jolly Black Giant
Side D (15:03)
1) Middle Class Folk Song
2) 6:30 In The Morning

Brother Jack Mcduff - Ain't No Sunshine [180 Gram] [Record Store Day]
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Deluxe reissue of 1971 album from Captain Beefheart. This RSD 2024 package includes the original album cut AAA (a fully analog process) from original master tape and a bonus album including previously unreleased alternate versions and outtakes from the recording sessions.

(Words and music by Don Van Vliet)
A2. WHITE JAM [2:57]
(Words and music by Don Van Vliet)
(Music by Don Van Vliet, Words by Jan Van Vliet)
(Words and music by Don Van Vliet)
(Words and music by Don Van Vliet)
(Words and music by Don Van Vliet)
B2. CLICK CLACK [3:31]
(Words and music by Don Van Vliet)
B3. GROW FINS [3:31]
(Words and music by Don Van Vliet)
(Words and music by Don Van Vliet)
B5. GLIDER [4:37]
(Words and music by Don Van Vliet)
(Words and music by Don Van Vliet)
(Words and music by Don Van Vliet)
(Words and Music by Don Van Vliet)
(Words and music by Don Van Vliet)
C5. HARRY IRENE [3:33]
(Words and music by Don Van Vliet)
(Words and music by Don Van Vliet)
(Words and music by Don Van Vliet)
(Words and music by Don Van Vliet)
(Words and music by Don Van Vliet)

Captain Beefheart - Spotlight Kid [Clear Vinyl] [Deluxe] (Ofgv) [Record Store Day]
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Carol Douglas is considered a pioneer on the US Disco scene. She was signed to Bob Reno's Midland Records from 1975-79 where she recorded a string of successful hits.

This new compilation for Record Store Day 2024 showcases the best of Reno's four-to-the-floor ‘70s productions, pressed on limited edition heavyweight fluorescent pink vinyl.

Side A
1 Night Fever
2 I Want To Stay With You
3 Doctor's Orders
4 Love Sick
Side B
1 Let's Get Down To Doin' It Tonight
2 Light My Fire
3 I Got The Answer (John Morales Remix)

Carol Douglas - Night Fever
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The Oakland-based crew known as Hieroglyphics introduced the world to Del the Funky Homosapien, Souls Of Mischief and Casual. Presented here, Casual’s debut full-length, originally issued by Jive in 1994. As one would expect, the release is packed with contributions of the Heiro crew with beats courtesy of Domino, Del the Funky Homosapien, Jay-Biz, and Casual himself.
Fear Itself now sees its first proper reissue for Record Store Day 2024 as a double LP pressed on opaque black and apple red colored vinyl.

A Side
1. Intro (feat. A-Plus)
2. You Flunked
3. Me-O-Mi-O
4. Get Off It
B Side
1. That's How It Is
2. That Bullshit (feat. Saafir)
3. Follow The Funk
C Side
1. I Didn't Mean To (feat. Del Tha Funkee Homosapien)
2. We Got It Like That
3. A Little Something (feat. Del Tha Funkee Homosapien)
4. This Is How We Rip Shit (feat. A-Plus & Extra Prolific)
D Side
1. Lose In The End
2. Thoughts Of The Thoughtful
3. Chained Minds (feat. Phesto)
4. Be Thousand (feat. Extra Prolific & Tajai)

Casual - Fear Itself (Blk) [Clear Vinyl] (Red) [Record Store Day]
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Rare Mingus tracks unavailable on vinyl for decades, reassembled as a stand-alone album as a sequel to Incarnations, which came out for RSD Black Friday 2024. 180g vinyl, remastered by Bernie Grundman.

A1. Reincarnation Of A Lovebird
A2. (1st Version, Take 4)
A3. Melody From The Drums
A4. Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams (Take 4)
B1. Vassarlean
B2. Body And Soul (Take 2)

Charles Mingus - Reincarnations [180 Gram] [Record Store Day]
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A reissue made available for Record Store Day to celebrate the 75th anniversary of this landmark recording. In September of 1949, Charlie Parker crossed paths with Swing Era giants Roy Eldridge and Lester Young onstage at Carnegie Hall. The band – which also included Ray Brown, Hank Jones, Flip Phillips, Buddy Rich and Tommy Turk – wailed on standards and extended, improvised tunes, producing this exciting performance. This LP has been mastered from the original analog sources and pressed on yellow vinyl.

1. The Opener
2. Lester Leaps In
3. Embraceable You
4. The Closer

Charlie Parker - Norman Granz' Jazz At The Philharmonic [Record Store Day]
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The meeting of great minds usually happens behind closed doors, but for two of the world’s foremost bassists -- Christian McBride and Edgar Meyer -- the collaboration proved so fruitful that a duo album exploring their collective backgrounds in jazz, folk, classical, bluegrass and funk was born.

Green Slime
Barnyard Disturbance
Bebop, of Course
Bass Duo #1
Philly Slop
Interlude #1
Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered
Bass Duo #2
Lullaby for a Ladybug
Days of Wine and Roses
Interlude #2
Tennessee Blues

Christian Mcbride - But Whos Gonna Play The Melody? (Blue) [Clear Vinyl]
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Limited edition Candy Floss Color Vinyl includes B-sides from the CMF2 album sessions and classic cover songs.

Tank- Life Sex & Death
Not In The Mood To Live- CMFT
Killing Machine- Judas Priest
Snuff (Live In London, ‘16)- Slipknot
Shot In The Dark- Ozzy
Stay Calm- CMFT
Is It My Body- Alice Cooper
Bother ‘23 (Still Bothered)- Stone Sour
Killing Moon- Echo & The Bunnymen
Hey Manifesto- CMFT
Ten Years Gone- Led Zeppelin

Corey Taylor - Cmf2b... Or Not 2b [Colored Vinyl] [Record Store Day]
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The Hitchhiker EP came together after Cuco experienced an injury that forced him to reckon with his own mortality. Coming out of that experience, Cuco struggled to grasp the overwhelming concept of the fragility of life. Recorded at Big Bad Studios in Los Angeles, and produced by Michael Beinhorn (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Hitchhiker is now available for Record Store Day 2024 on limited-edition Zoetrope Picture Disc 12” vinyl with trippy artwork that brings Cuco's psychedelic escapism to life.

1. Edith
2. Planet Express
3. Give It The World
4. Mesh Camp
5. Junkie and Rarities
6. Messenger

Cuco - Hitchhiker (Ep) [Record Store Day]
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Long awaited reissue of New York hardcore classic.
Long awaited reissue of the original cassette-only release on CBGB’s own Off the board cassette label.
This New York City Hardcore set is considered an absolute classic of the genre. Damage were thought of as one of the defining bands bands of the NYCH live scene. Their only recorded output consists of two live sets from CBGB; this one dates from 1986.

Blues theme/ Die in fire
Ya Die Ho
Beauty Lies
Bridge and tunnel
Killing floor
Beer can
This house
VCPIM/ Majority Tyranny
Our song
Count me in

Damage - Recorded Live Off The Board At Cbgb [Record Store Day]
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Celebrating the album’s fifth anniversary, this is the first vinyl pressing for 54 + 1, which includes the massive global hit "Me Rehuso" and continues to be a Top 10 all-time Warner Music Global hit.

Danny Ocean - 54 + 1 [Record Store Day]
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The Doors of Perception is among the most experimental and innovative releases by famed jazz vibraphonist Dave Pike. Recorded in 1966 and released in 1970, the album finds Pike indulging in full-fledged psychedelic jazz, with trippy grooves and a new sound. Produced by Herbie Mann, The Doors of Perception features an all-star cast of musicians, including Eddie Daniels, Lee Konitz, Don Friedman, and Chuck Israel. Their talents are complemented by a wide range of sound effects, from echo chambers to piped-in applause to thunderstorms to fuzzy distortion, making for a dynamic and unique listening experience.
For Record Store Day 2024, The Doors Of Perception is presented in a unique blue swirl colored vinyl pressing.

A Side
1. Free Improvisation
2. The Drifter
3. The Doors Of Perception
B Side
1. Ballad
2. Anticipation

Dave Pike - Doors Of Perception (Blue) [Colored Vinyl] [Record Store Day]
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De La Soul’s Live at Tramps, NYC, 1996 is a time machine for fans old and new. Recorded on May 16, 1996 at New York’s famous Tramps nightclub, the core trio are joined by several guests, including Mos Def, then an unknown property but just about to make his De La debut on Stakes Is High. Common stops by for a pair of tracks, and the Jungle Brothers take the stage for one of the highlights, a reprise of the 1989 single "Buddy."
This collection of songs is classic De La Soul: a mixture of thought-provoking lyrics and teenage high jinks. In addition to “Buddy,” it features live performances of “Breakadawn,” “Potholes In My Lawn,” “Me Myself And I” and more.

A1 Maseo Intro / A2 Breakadawn / A3 Supa Emcees / A4 Potholes In My Lawn / A5 Big Brother Beat / A6 Me Myself And I / A7 Shwingalokate / A8 Ego Trippin' (Part Two)
B1 Oodles Of O's / B2 The Bitch In Yoo / B3 The Bizness / B4 Itzsoweezee (Hot) / B5 Buddy / B6 Stakes Is High / B7 Goodbyes

De La Soul - Live At Tramps Nyc 1996 (Rsd) [Colored Vinyl] (Ofgv) [Record Store Day]
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De La Soul’s Live at Tramps, NYC, 1996 is a time machine for fans old and new. Recorded on May 16, 1996 at New York’s famous Tramps nightclub, the core trio are joined by several guests, including Mos Def, then an unknown property but just about to make his De La debut on Stakes Is High. Common stops by for a pair of tracks, and the Jungle Brothers take the stage for one of the highlights, a reprise of the 1989 single "Buddy."
This collection of songs is classic De La Soul: a mixture of thought-provoking lyrics and teenage high jinks. In addition to “Buddy,” it features live performances of “Breakadawn,” “Potholes In My Lawn,” “Me Myself And I” and more.

"A1 Maseo Intro / A2 Breakadawn / A3 Supa Emcees / A4 Potholes In My Lawn / A5 Big Brother Beat / A6 Me Myself And I / A7 Shwingalokate / A8 Ego Trippin' (Part Two)
B1 Oodles Of O's / B2 The Bitch In Yoo / B3 The Bizness / B4 Itzsoweezee (Hot) / B5 Buddy / B6 Stakes Is High / B7 Goodbyes"

De La Soul - Live At Tramps Nyc 1996 (Rsd) [Record Store Day]
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Dead By Sunrise is a band fronted by Linkin Park's Chester Bennington and included Ryan Shuck and Amir Derakh from Orgy. Their only album, Out of Ashes, was released in 2009 on CD and digital, and a very limited vinyl pressing in Europe.
This is the first vinyl release in North America, pressed for Record Store Day on Black Ice vinyl. The original album has been expanded to include the track "Morning After", previously a bonus track on the Japanese CD. Also included are five unreleased acoustic songs performed in Las Vegas.

Dead By Sunrise - Out Of Ashes [Colored Vinyl] [Record Store Day] (Bice)
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A 20th anniversary deluxe re-issue of Dean & Britta's debut album, produced by Tony Visconti. With a bonus LP containing the EPs Sonic Souvenirs (a collaboration with Sonic Boom of Spacemen 3) and Words You Used to Say -- both on vinyl for the first time.
Dean Wareham (Galaxie 500, Luna) and Britta Phillips (Luna) recorded L'Avventura in 2003 at Visconti's Looking Glass Studios in lower Manhattan, each writing songs and with covers of Madonna, Silver Jews, and others. Sonic Boom re-mixed five tracks for the Sonic Souvenirs EP.

A1. Night Nurse
A2. Ginger Snaps
A3. I Deserve It
A4. Out Walking
A5. Moonshot
B1. Hear the Wind Blow
B2. Your Baby
B3. Threw It Away
B4. Knives from Bavaria
B5. Random Rules
C1. Indian Summer
C2. Your Baby (Can't Stand the Rain)
C3. Knives from Bavaria (Spoonful of Fun)
C4. Moonshot (Myths of Heaven)
C5. Ginger Snaps (and Sugar Winks)
D1. Words You Used to Say
D2. We're Not Supposed to Be Lovers
D3. Since I Lay My Burden Down
D4. Colours
D5. Distractions, Pt. 1

Dean & Britta - L'avventura [Deluxe] [Record Store Day] [Download Included]

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